Two Shot case Study

Combines Two Components into One While Meeting Stringent Performance Requirements

Recently, Northeast Mold & Plastics was asked to review a project for a plastic container with a safety lid. At first glance, the project seemed simple enough. But after talking with our client we quickly realized the opportunity to reduce their costs while improving product quality through the repeatable process of two shot molding.

The Challenge

The lid required strict tolerances in order to meet The Department of Transportation's specification for transporting hazardous human wastes.

The Initial Concept

The part was designed to use an o-ring that would be assembled to the safety lid.

2 shot molding case study

The Solution

Northeast Mold & Plastics redesigned the lid as a two-shot molded component. This design ensured a positive integral safety seal adding greater sealing force at high altitudes during transit to testing laboratories. This design reduced two components into one and eliminated the secondary operation of the gasket.

The First Shot...

Is a TPE for the newly designed seal

2 shot molding case study
2 shot molding case study

The Second Shot...

Is a Co-Polymer Polypropylene substrate that is overmolded onto the TPE seal with an exact consistent location

The Challange...

Developing unscrewing technology to be used in a Multi-Cavity Two-Shot Rotational Mold