Two-Shot Molding

Two-Shot Molding Experts... Northeast Mold and Plastics has the largest installed two shot molding machine base in the Northeast. We specialize in two shot tool design and two shot molding part design. We have the ability to take a two piece product design and re-design the components into a two shot application for you.

Two Shot Molding is...

    An efficient method of combining two forms of plastics in a single operation The ability to automate the molding of assemblies that have different combinations of resins or colors in a single process A two step manufacturing process achieved by the use of two independent injection units.

Benefits. . .

  • New design possibilities
  • Lower part cost
  • Improves product integrity
  • Savings in production, handling & assembly
  • Higher quality fabrication
  • Eliminates secondary operations
  • Enhances product features and appeal
  • Tactile, ergonomic, cosmetic
  • Multi-color, multi-material, and multi-component

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Applications, Compatibility & Technical Information...
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